As you may know, the 90-day wait for a Medical marijuana card in Florida is gone. But people are still being forced to wait up to 90 days For a card. It looks like that might be by design.

The FOMM was originally going issue a non-bidding contract to a private company, to come in and take over the medical card program. Due to recent complaints about long waits.

So they set up and underfunded staff and an unqualified man by the name of Christian Bax to run  The Florida Office of Medical Marijuana. Remember, there was never even a job posting for his position.  It was just given to him By the governor.

It appears as if The Florida Office of Medical Marijuana was set up to fail in the first place, regardless of patient wait times or patient’s suffering.

Due to the backlash of possibly issuing a request For a non-bidding contract (Basically a contract where taxpayers get screwed Due to lack of competition)   they issued an “Invitation to Negotiate” and open up the contract bid to other vendors.

BUT they made the rules so hard that only a handful of companies would qualify for this Medical marijuana card issuance contract.

Also, during their Q&A addendum, The DOH made it clear that the winning contractor must turn around cards to patients in a minimum of 21 days. Better than 90 days, but not fast enough. Some Hospice patients don’t even have 21 hrs to wait.

The DOH also did it all very quietly, without a press release and you can’t even search for it on their site search because they didn’t tag it.

You can only find the request at:

select agency: “Florida Department of Health” From the drop-down menu

Scroll down and click the “Advertisement Search” button

and you will find it… unless the site is down… again.

How can The Florida Department of Health call it a “competitive solicitation” when they don’t do a press release nor tag any of the keywords for the search? You literally can’t even search for this contract.

Sources tell us a backroom deal has already been made to award this contract to “Brandt Information Systems”, whose partner, John Thomas “JT” Burnette is currently under FBI investigation. We cannot confirm nor deny this but if that is true, then one could suspect that the Florida Department of Health manufactured the understaffing in order to justify the private contract to the same company that’s currently issuing hunting licenses for the state of Florida. If that’s true, then that would mean this whole dog and pony show of people suffering and dying due to long waits is just so a crony capitalistic company can get a contract.