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Currently, in Florida there are six licensed cannabis growers with that number increasing as growers win their administrative lawsuits.  Each grower has control of the vertical, and can sell throughout the state.  The first store may be Surterra Therapuetics operating in the Tampa area, but we expect to see a rapid buildout throughout the state by other growers.  Those licensed growers that work with Florida advocacy groups, contribute and support the cause, hire Florida advocates, and do not use harmful pesticides will come out on top.  Ignoring patient groups without accomplishing the aforementioned items will not advance their business as a respected competitive leader. So, how do you proceed?

Advocacy Groups – In Florida there are various advocate groups, different objectives, but with a common cause of legalizing a safe medicinal plant. The groups range from NORML, Canna Chronicles, Christians for Cannabis, Florida CAN, Women that Grow, CannaMoms, Regulate Florida, Let Florida Decide, Florida for Medical Marijuana, and many others that could fill a paragraph.  We all know each other and network.  There are many tribes. The members that make up these tribes are lawyers, doctors, scientists, engineers, marketing, social workers, technicians, stay at home moms and dads, disabled, and veterans. Again, the list is not all inclusive, but our point is we are a diverse, educated, group of advocates.  Have you reached out to these advocacy groups and the patient base?  We are your potential customers, we write reviews, and patients look to us for guidance.  Hire from these groups, support their causes and events, and create a partnering relationship. We are on social media, we attend cannabis events, and we communicate.

Contributions and Support – Contributions from licensed growers should not be limited to just lobbyists and law makers. Florida licensed growers have a moral, and ethical obligation, to financially support Florida advocacy groups. Why? We are your base, your foundation, we can be your biggest fan base, but first show that you care about the cause.  Financially contributing to events like Cannabration, networking conferences, and training events show you are invested and care.

Hiring Locally – Your cannabis dispensaries, cultivation center, delivery drivers, community outreach, security, managers, directors, can be sourced here in Florida through the advocacy groups.  We understand the plant, medicinal qualities, cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and safe usage recommendations. We have researched for years via Google Scholar, PubMed, attended conferences, networked, traveled sometimes to distant lands like Israel, and advocated in Tallahassee in front of Representatives and Senators. There is no learning curve with us. We are trained, educated, and have open lines of communication via our already established social media. A lot of us have long established regular day jobs, but are open to opportunities that value our skill sets, knowledge, and offer a competitive compensation package.

Transparency on Growing – Advocates and patients want to know exactly what pesticides you are using on the plant. Patients have compromised immune systems, and are poor health.  Using pesticides would compromise their health, and lead to further complications. Consider inviting advocate groups into your grow locations, discuss what pesticides (if applicable) are being used, speak to your organic program, and be completely transparent to Florida patients.

Points-of-Contact – If you would like to reach out and begin the conversation please email

  • Bill Monroe at freedompalmbay@yahoo.com
  • Suzanne Alvarez at Jalvarez@tampabay.rr.com

The two of us respectfully, and humbly, offer our networking services to help connect licensed growers with advocacy groups, applicable skill sets, ancillary services, and assist in the process of initiating positive conversations and dialog.  We hope to hear from the licensed growers.

In summary, Suzanne and I offer ourselves as points of contact. By reaching out to licensed growers, providing process steps, and offering suggestions for establishing a working relationship we are taking a first step in establishing communications. Thank you.