1: Edible Creator

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Like to bake? Then this might be your next dream job. The variety for edibles is seemingly endless. There are cookies, cakes, muffins, candy, coffee and the list goes on. The edibles market is very competitive and can be difficult to get into, however. Depending on your location and your culinary ability, creating edibles can be profitable, but challenging to get into due to local laws  and regulations.





2: Glass Merchant

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Although the glass industry has been around for decades, it could never be aimed at marijuana users. Sales for pipes, bongs and more recently vaporizers will only continue to skyrocket as more and more states move toward legalization. Whether you are a glass artist or want to sell ready made peripherals, there will always be a sea of people looking for vehicles to help them enjoy.





3: Courier and Delivery

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Thanks to the medical marijuana community, delivery and courier services have become increasingly popular. This industry will soon ascend to never before seen heights. Similar to pizza delivery, customers can order and receive their product. On the medical side, many patients aren’t able to make the trek to a dispensary, so this is ideal for them.





4: Weed Snobs / Reviewers


Can you say dream job? There actually is a need for marijuana reviewers.

There are a number of websites, such as Leafly, which allow customers the chance to critique, review and share their experience. Strains can vary far beyond Indica and sativa and hybrids and specialty-bred strains can add to the plethora of experiences and effects. Becoming a reviewer might be a challenge, but it’s a job that needs to be done by someone. There is an ever growing audience of prospective customers looking for a first hand review before they buy.




5: Budtender


It is what it sounds like. A budtender is a person who assists customers at the counter by giving advice and sharing knowledge about different cannabis strains, concentrates and edibles. A budtender will help you make an informed decision based on the effect you’re looking for. This job requires thorough knowledge about the products offered as well as identifying allergies or any health issues a potential client may have.





6: Concentrate Processor

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Concentrates include things like hash oil, dabs, shatter and other products that have an extremely high concentration. They pack a real wallup and  have mind blowing effects. But it’s not all about fun and games. They are very valuable to medical cannabis patients. As the popularity of concentrates continues to increase, vaporizers are becoming more mainstream.

If you have a background in chemistry, creating concentrates might be right up your alley.





7: Security

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With increasingly more retail locations opening in various parts of the country, security is a crucial concern for shop owners and patrons alike. Though things have calmed down to a degree, most retail locations and medical dispensaries have chosen keep security guards on staff, if only for peace of mind. Checking ID’s and safeguarding customer privacy are at the top of the list, along with ensuring that transactions go smoothly. As the industry grows, so will the need for security.







There is no bud fairy that puts marijuana into little tight buds that are ready to go. A whole process is involved in making the finished product so that it’s ready for the consumer. Trimming is an intensive laborious job but someone has to do it. Basically it involves taking buds from the plants and removing the larger leaves, so that what is left is an attractive final product. This also ensures that customers get more bang for their buck, without having to pay for something that won’t be consumed.





9: Farmer

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If it weren’t for marijuana farmers, pot would be in short supply.

With increasing legalization and demand, more farmers are needed to keep the world supplied whether it be for recreation or medicinal purposes.

It’s no cake-walk though; there many considerations, such as temperature control, space, pest control and a whole host of issues to contend with.

It can be time consuming and costly. But if you’ve dreamed of being a marijuana farmer, this may be your opportunity.





10: Seed Harvester

growing seeds

Seed harvesting is similar to farming, but somewhat more specialized. There are some legal challenges to contend with, but it is doable. Seed and clones, which are smaller plants sold to growers, have a big and ever increasing market. Of course, growing on your own is illegal in some places. But if you live in the right area, selling seeds and clones might be a great business opportunity.





11: Consultant

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VIrtually every industry has consultants and marijuana is no exception. If farming doesn’t float your boat, consulting might be just the ticket. Consultants can help entrepreneurs gain footing with their businesses as well as expand. Many startups require assistance with marketing and branding. For those with the right expertise and knowledge, this might be a great opportunity.