The mothers dedicated to providing illegal cannabis to children has just been granted non profit status by the same government that bans it.

Cannamoms, National Organization but mothers whose sole mission is to provide education awareness and safe access to cannabis medicine 4 special needs children has been granted Federal 501c3 status. This is a historic win for the Cannabis community and goes to show that changing views and our federal government.


How they started :

Can a mom’s was founded in 2014 As a small parent to parent support community that rapidly grew into a nationwide organization helping families in the legal states. their goal is simple, provide and ensure safe access 2 tested medicine and helping relocate families to legal states. some called them the st. Jude of cannabis.


Now that they have Federal non-profit status:

The Moms plan on implementing several Innovative Nationwide programs.

1:An individual grant program that goal is to reduce the hardship and the cost of medicine not covered by traditional health insurance

2:A relocation program that will help families in a legal states relocate to the states where they can have safe access two medicine for their children in need.

3:Educational campaigns will continue on the national level and where moms all across the country are taking part in media, documentaries, conferences, and events.

Additionally, cannabis and children is a very controversial topic. can a mom says set a new standard in the Cannabis industry, mothers are coming out in full force, Bridging the Gap between big Pharma Healthcare and cannabis medicine.

How you can help:
If you would like to support donate to cannamoms, please contact Moriah Barnhart by email at or by phone at 813-580-1378.

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