Jane West

Founder of Edible Events and Women Grow.

It takes a women with such elegance and class to run such organizations. What does she do? Well she brings people together and inspires!

Edible Events is an events company that caters to the cannabis industry. But rather than the first idea that pops into your head of a bunch of stoners sitting around in a circle and smoking grass as a cannabis event, Edible Events claim these events cater to your senses and combine visually stunning venues with decadent food and libations to create a unique, unforgettable evening


Women Grow is currently the fastest growing organization in the cannabis industry. The goal of Women Grow is to connect, educate, inspire and empower the next generation of cannabis industry leaders by creating programs, community and events for aspiring and current business executives. Founded in 2014 in Denver, Women Grow is a for-profit entity that serves as a catalyst for women to influence and succeed in the cannabis industry as the end of marijuana prohibition occurs on a national scale.



Moriah Barnhart

Founder and C.E.O., Cannamoms

Co-Founder of Tampa Bay Chapter of Women Grow

Barnhart is the founder & CEO of Cannamoms, a Florida based group of mothers

advocating for the right and option to utilize cannabis in the care of their own critically-ill children. What’s interesting about Barnhart is that she didn’t choose this industry. The cannabis industry chose her! Barnhart created Cannamoms for her daughter Dahlia, who was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 2. Without the help of Cannabis as medicine Dahlia may not be here today. But because of Barnhart and the Cannamoms’ persistence to fight for common sense

legislation, they are getting closer to being able to provide other parents and their babies with hope,help, resources, and community. The Cannamoms pledge to do everything in their power to help all those who seek help for their children with debilitating medical conditions who can benefit from cannabis therapy.

Barnhart works to ensure the legitimacy and professionalism of the Cannabis industry in Florida. Recently launching the Tampa Bay Chapter of Women Grow, Barnhart is dedicated to instilling diversity and proficiency into this well anticipated industry in Florida. In a recent interview on the Central Florida NORML podcast The Rotation, called Women Make the

Cannabis Industry Better, Barnhart explains why it is so crucial women play a large role in the cannabis industry.


Holly Alberti-Evans

Co-Founder of Healthie Heady.

Holly Alberti and her husband Steve founded Healthy Headie in Massachusetts in 2014.

Building their business model off of the Mary Kay concept of in-home, direct-sales, Healthy Headie works with independent distributors to set up customized demonstrations of top of theline vaporizers. Now located in Boulder Colorado, Healthy Headie is definitely a company worth watching.


Jill Amen

Co-Founder and President of House of Jane

Seeing a way to merge her love for both cannabis and coffee, Amen started House of Jane, which makes a product called Jane’s Brew. Jane’s Brew is a line of high class cannabis infused coffees and teas. Since the company’s recent inception Jane’s Brew has become a national brand in a business that makes it really hard to go national with strict state-to-state regulations


Charlo Greene

Owner of the Alaska Cannabis Club

A former news reporter who became famous for her “f*ck it, I quit” stunt when, in the middle of the report, she walked off Alaska’s KTVA 11 News to join the cannabis industry. Charlo has been become an icon for all those who have been willing to leave their old lives behind and pursue a “greener” career.



Cheryl Shuman

Co-founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club

With a nick name like the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana” how can you not love her?

Famous for her videos of middle aged Beverly Hills house wives enjoying fine dishes that have been infused with marijuana while passing around joints, the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club has become a great example of a new demographic in the cannabis industry that I like to call “luxury cannabis”. Proving that this amazing plant is for everyone, even the most posh of Beverly Hills!

Shuman also help buld the largest cannabis media source in the world, KusH. Magazine, is an avid investor in the cannabis industry, and advocates for the healing and coping elements of THC.

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By: Carlos Jose Angel Hermida, M.B.A.

Deputy Director, Central Florida NORML