What is the cannabis industry supposed to be about?  Getting stoned?  High profits?  The Green Rush?  None of these things!  The cannabis industry is supposed to be about compassion.  Whether or not you stand for medical or adult use, it’s supposed to be about healing the sick.  Truly understanding the science behind cannabis comes with and understanding that adult use can prevent many illness that plague our society. 


Overall, the change of cannabis laws is meant to be a compassionate move to humanity.  Not to mention the fact that currently many cannabis users are considered to be criminals for a victimless crime.  The true intention for the cannabis business is compassion.     Also, cannabis is one of the fastest growing and innovative new industries.  The rate this business is growing is incredible, growing up to 74% in 2014! These feats could not be possible without the help of the acceptance of innovation and diversity that the cannabis industry possesses.  The acceptance of diversity in this industry is shown by the growth of the group Women Grow, a networking group for the cannabis industry that focuses on influencing women to join the business.


This organization is approximately a year old and now boasts over 33 chapters nationwide.  I’ve personally been to several Women Grow networking events and they are an amazing time with anyone who is anyone in the cannabis industry in attendance.     So, look at these qualities: diversity, compassion, innovation.  These are all qualities women traditionally possess.  There is no better compassion than motherly love!  Women themselves are a minority in business and their very presence proves diversity!  Women make the cannabis industry better.   Similar to how they make the world better!    

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By: Carlos Jose Angel Hermida, M.B.A.Deputy Director, Central Florida NORML