I consider myself to be one hell of a pothead. Shoot, I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I

just might be the greatest pothead in the world. When you get to be the caliber of pothead that I am,

you learn a few “tricks of the trade”! I wanna share with you a few “tricks” that I picked up along the


Truth is marijuana use can be expensive. Don’t get me wrong marijuana is pretty cheap and you are

in no way of being in danger of selling all your personal possessions in order to afford your next joint.

But it can still hurt the wallet. Let me give you some advice on how to keep some cash in your pocket

and still be able to enjoy in the herb!


1. Buy in Bulk (legally because we wouldn’t want you to do anything illegal)

Marijuana kinda works like Costco. If you buy in bulk it ends up being cheaper in the end. The

dealer or dispensary would rather give you a bit of a price cut for getting rid of more of their product.

It’s much easier to give a small price cut to get rid of an once rather than getting rid of 28 grams.


2. Generation Blunts or Joints

Hey! When you get down to the roach of that joint don’t just throw it away. I mean are you just

going to throw away weed like that? Save them! Wait till you have about 12 of them, break them up,

and you basically have a whole new free joint.


3. Put the Joint Out

I can appreciate the mentality of the smoker who wants to smoke till it’s all gone! Why not?! It’s

always a good time, but it can certainly hurt the pocket! Putting out the joint as soon as you start to feel

the effects can hold you over till you have enough money to smoke a full joint!


4. Roll Skinnier Joints

Marijuana users love to roll fatties! Just like smoking till the end of the joint, a fatty can be a lot

of fun! But to be honest it’s unnecessary. Roll skinnier joints and your pockets will get fatter.


5. Use a One Hitter

One hitters are great for conserving marijuana. The great thing about them is you pack just

what you need to hold you over. Notice how all these hints are ways to get you to smoke less. A one

hitter will ensure that you pack just what you need. Just don’t go overboard.




Carlos Jose Angel Hermida, M.B.A.

Deputy Director, Central Florida NORML