The Hillsborough county commission will hear public comments and take a vote on a controversial proposed medical marijuana zoning ordinance.

Draft language of the new ordinance in Hillsborough plans to create a 30-day window for marijuana companies to apply for a limited number of licenses. That means that only the 7 current state licence holders would be able to apply

the county is not protecting patients but a handful of politically connected growers. Fewer competitors will lead to higher prices and less access for consumers, said Sen. Jeff Brandes, a St. Petersburg Republican who has sponsored a bill to open up Florida to more medical marijuana businesses.

This ordinance would only allow for only 13  Dispensaries for all of Hillsborough county for the next year. To put that into context, unincorporated Hillsborough county has over 120 pharmacies.

this ordinance is sponsored by

Stacy White

District 4, Chairman

Sources say that Stacy White could be accepting money and favors from lobbyist groups representing 1 of the 7 licensed growers. This would explain why he is so eager to pass this ordinance that heavily favors one license holder. here is his facebook page 

San Felasco Nurseries, a licensed grower, is pushing for the county to adopt these rules through its lobbyist, Igniting Florida. Since Hillsborough enacted a six-month medical marijuana moratorium in October, Beth Leytham and Todd Pressman, lobbyists for Igniting Florida, have registered 24 meetings with county commissioners and staff, including eight with commissioner Stacy White, according to county records.

We need to tell the Hillsborough county commission and commissioner Stacy White to slow down and not pass legislation that favors one grower. We need to let our presence be seen

Where and when is the public hearing?

3/7/17 6:00 P.M.

County Center 601 E. Kennedy Blvd. 2nd Floor, Boardroom Tampa FL, 33602

RSVP for the public hearing here