puff pass studio

Now you can take an art class, with cannabis as your muse, if you live in Denver, CO.

The website for Puff, Pass and Paint welcomes visitors to Denver’s first cannabis-friendly, all-inclusive art class.

From the website, www.puffpassandpaint.com:

“Join Denver-based painter Heidi Keyes for a casual and creative 2-hour smoking session, while you follow along with her step-by-step instructions to create your own mind-altered masterpiece (or get inspired and completely follow your own whims – up to you!). Classes only hold up to 20 students to allow for individual attention, an easy-going, relaxed atmosphere, and joint-passing ease.”

Students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes that they aren’t afraid to get paint on, and to come prepared to paint, smoke (eating edibles and other marijuana intake is allowed and encouraged but not required) and have an all around good time.

All required art supplies are provided and included in the cost of the class, which is $50., and lasts about 2 hours.