map of cannabis prices

States that Legalize Cannabis see a big reduction in price.  States where recreational marijuana use is legal also have cheaper prices.  the price of an ounce ranges so widely from that someone who smokes an ounce a month can move from Tampa to Portland, Ore., and save enough money for a year’s worth of Xbox online to enhance the experience.

In four states where pot has been legalized or decriminalized–Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska–the price of an ounce has fallen below $300, compared with the nationwide average of $324, according to, a site where users can anonymously submit the cost of weed in their area purchased either from the black market or legally through a dispensary.

In Washington D.C., where marijuana became legal for recreational use in March but where commercial sale is still illegal, the price of an ounce of weed still costs $346.

It’s pretty obvious that legalization is squeezing out the black market, which is bad news for drug cartels and good news for law-enforcement who want to focus on violent crimes.