It just seems like no matter how hard Floridians try to legalize marijuana they just keep getting

shut down. On Nov, 4th 2014, a ballot initiative that would have amended the Florida Constitution to

allow for medical marijuana just narrowly missed the 60% needed to pass in Florida by 2%. Activist’s

hopes were high that the legislature would have respond to the 58% vote from Florida’s population and

try to give the people they represent what they want. However, any attempts to pass legislation were

shot down.


Now we see many Floridian counties and cities passing local ordinances to decriminalize

possession of cannabis. Starting with Miami-Dade County decriminalizing and most recently St

Petersburg. This shows that no matter what hurdles the Florida Legislature will put in front of Floridians

the Florida population will not allow their freedom to be denied. Floridians have shown that they want

legalized marijuana and they will do everything in their power to get it.


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Carlos Jose Angel Hermida, M.B.A.

Deputy Director, Central Florida NORML


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