Washington State, Washington, D.C. and Colorado have blazed the trail for ending prohibition. Through legal means these areas have adopted the recreational use of marijuana, freed the market for patients, opened the flood gates for entrepreneurs, and tax revenue for the states and districts. Based on research we have complied a list of states that will be vying for ending prohibition and legalization. With an election coming in 2016 all of these states on the list are going to have a measure on the ballot regarding marijuana. These are exciting times, friends. If you live in one of these states, be on the look out in November 2016 to vote for the right thing for our country. Enjoy.


1. California

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As one of the pioneers in the medical marijuana movement, Cali is looking for support in 2016 to push cannabis into the recreational realm. As home to some of the top growers in the nation, one of the largest economies in the world, and possibly the greatest global media reach, California will be a powerhouse to end prohibition. If California and Oregon can pass the legislation, it will create a western seaboard that will have ended prohibition.

2. Florida

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During the midterm-elections, Florida  lost the vote to amend the state constitution to allow for medical use. The bill needed 60%  to pass and missed the mark by 2%, tallying 58% for yes and 42% for no. The movement hasn’t lost momentum in the state, though. Now there’s a movement to have action taken in the state legislature. With Florida’s long growing season and major support for cannabis, look for Florida to legalize very soon.

3. Maine

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Maine could be the northeast catalyst for states to adopt legalization. Maine has signatures on a statewide petition, and in some local elections, there has been a measure to see how a legalization bill would fare in the Pine Tree state. The numbers look favorable.


4. Massachusetts

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Massachusetts has a growing population of supporters for ending prohibition on marijuana. It also has a large population of medical marijuana patients, which helps get the state familiar with the product of cannabis. However, Massachusetts didn’t have any call to action on the midterm ballot. Instead, it posed non-binding public policy questions such as, “Shall the State Representative from this district be instructed to vote in favor of legislation that would allow the state to regulate and tax marijuana in the same manner as alcohol?” The question was posed to certain districts and the other districts asked for public opinion on “replacing the state’s restrictions on marijuana with a law that regulates the cultivation of and commerce in marijuana, by persons over the age of 21, in the same manner as laws that apply to the cultivation and sale of fruits, vegetables and herbs.”


5. Michigan


Michigan has been making big headway towards the legalization of marijuana. This may be the first midwestern state to break prohibition. It will be interesting when the 2016 elections roll around.


6. Minnesota


Minnesota may have one of the most restrictive medical marijuana programs in the nation, but it’s better than other states in the union. But even where the program stands right now, patients who need help are getting the help they deserve.


7. New Mexico


Not surprisingly, New Mexico doesn’t want to be left out of the green wave sweeping through the western states. Looking at their neighbors to the north, residents can see the windfall Colorado is having from the legalization of Marijuana. During the midterm elections, New Mexico posed a couple non-binding public policy questions and the results were staggeringly in favor of ending prohibition.


8. New York

New York City

New York is having quite year on the cannabis front. The governor signed the Compassionate Care Act. New York City has decriminalized possession of up to 25 grams of marijuana on any person. The governor has also stated that New York cares for its citizens. By ending prohibition, the state feels it would be giving the population great relief.


9. Missouri

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The “Show Me” state is an interesting case. There are groups fighting to get the measure on the ballot for 2016, but they need to get 8% of the voting population. Being one of the more conservative states on the list, Missouri is a wild card. But if they’re going to keep fighting for the cause,  we can cheer them on by saying,  “‘Show me, Missouri!”


10. Hawaii


World Famous Hawaii – beaches, surfing, pineapples and Maui Wowie! This far western state is known for self governance, an independent spirit and some of the best bud on the planet. But what will really make legalization happen in Hawaii is a voter-backed initiative and a strong focus on tax and tourism revenue.


11. Nevada

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Nevada may be conservative western state, but it’s also all about the Benjamins. Besides the many groups working together to gather signatures to put the measure on the ballot, Nevada’s executive branch is thinking about tourism dollars. Wouldn’t you feel better playing roulette while smoking a joint, instead of getting sloshed drinking whiskey? Las Vegas and Reno know how to put on a show and make people feel comfortable. After all, hospitality is their bread and butter. So who better take cannabis to the next level?


12. Arizona

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Another western state that is concerned with not being left behind, Arizona would be sharing borders with two newly legalized states. As much as Arizona wants the revenue, they will have to deal with the very conservative landscape, a very intense law enforcement scene, and that pesky border with Mexico. Not to mention, all of the problems that have been sneaking across the border.