The Cannabis Investing Event will be free to attend and will be featuring executives from leading cannabis companies like Privateer Holdings, Greenwave Advisors, MassRoots, Aurora Cannabis, MJardin, Potbotics, CannaKorp, just to name a few! Register for FREE Today

The Cannabis Investing Event, taking place on August 23rd, is FREE to attend and you can watch it LIVE from your office or home! Register to attend this event and gain incredible insight into how you can invest in this burgeoning industry from some of the top experts in the world. Register for FREE Today

The cannabis industry is one of the most rapidly developing and controversial industries in the United States. During the past two years, more 300 cannabis companies have gone public through reverse mergers and most of them will be out of business in less than three years.

Five Ways You Benefit from the Cannabis Investing Virtual Event:

  1. Gather actionable investing advice from leading analysts in the cannabis industry
  2. Interact with leading cannabis executives through Q&A sessions during the virtual conference
  3. Discover new investment opportunities in the cannabis industry
  4. Learn about privately held cannabis companies that plan to go public during the next year
  5. Receive a free copy of the 2016 Cannabis Industry Report just by attending the conference ($189 value)!


This must attend conference will include presentations from Isaac Dietrich of MassRoots, Tom Quigley of The GluuCam BattleyBrett RoperTroy DaytonAdam Cohen of MJardinJim McAlpineDerek ThomasMatt Karnes and Jason Spatafora