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Has anyone ever told you that you shouldn’t drink and smoke weed at the same time? That may not be the best advice. Ignore it and you might protect your liver.

A recent study conducted at The Mount Sinai School of Medicine  found that cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive compound found in marijuana acts as a safeguard from alcohol. It actually blocks the development of fat around the liver that can build up from binge drinking. This layer of fat very often leads to conditions like cirrhosis.

The study was conducted using mice which were given CBD before being injected with ethanol. The results  showed significant evidence that the compound acted as a shield that protected the liver from what is called alcohol-generated oxidative stress-induced steatosis, which is a fatty liver cause by too much alcohol.

So, it might pay off to smoke or eat an edible prior to a night out on the town. Or better yet, just to drink in moderation or not at all.

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