Cannabis Mango

Good news if you like marijuana and mangoes!

Consuming mangoes has been shown to maximize the high people get from marijauna as well as its duration. This delicious fruit can add a tasty and tropical spin to your cannabis experience. But how is it that mangoes provide a boost to the already pleasant high that marijuana provides? There is definitely science behind it.

Mangoes contain a natural organic compound or terpene, known as myrcene. In marijuana, terpenes are found in the same glands of the plant as THC and CBD.

There are two ways that these organic compounds help the body process THC: by increasing the potency and allowing for a quicker, longer high. By adding to the myrcene terpenes already present in the bud, mangoes can enrich the high of weaker strains and complement the high of stronger ones.

Once you eat a mango, the fruit’s terpenes enter your bloodstream. When you smoke marijuana, the THC consumed interacts with these terpenes in a way that  increases the level of your high. More research is needed, but many people will attest that mangoes do indeed increase and prolong the high that they get.  The terpenes from the THC seem to attach to the myrcene terpenes that are already in your bloodstream, increasing their duration and affect on the brain.

Eating mangoes and consuming marijuana together can also give you a high more quickly. Just one more reason to enjoy this delicious fruit as a compliment to cannabis.

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