For many people in the Northwest, two popular hobbies have come together: self tracking and getting high.

Many seasoned weed lovers use FitBit and Jawbone wristbands to keep track of runs and bike rides and now they track their buzzes as well.

People in many professions and varying stages of life are using marijuana, including many who hadn’t before. Because of the technological age we live in, its only natural that many of them would want to track their usage, the type of high and various other aspects of their pot experience.

Like consumers of other goods, people want information about the product, in this instance marijuana, that they’re using. Hence the need for data such as energy efficiency, growth conditions, and of course, THC levels, to name just a few.

There’s a whole host of weed apps to help consumers decide which strain or strains to choose.

With so many other purchases being tracked for consumers, it makes sense that the weed you purchase at a local dispensary would be as well.

Most people are used to the electronic eye in the sky regarding their internet usage and shopping habits.On the one hand it’s sort of unsettling, but on the other, it makes the shopping experience more personalized.

It’s like when you buy something on Amazon, and you’re provided with a list of suggestions similar to the item you are about to purchase.

You go to a dispensary and they know what you bought last time. If a new strain comes in that might suit you, they can make a recommendation based on your last purchase.

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