Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with interesting, creative and tasty ways to entertain guests when you’re planning a party. And sometimes you want to get your entire party lifted! Here are eight yummy dishes in which you can substitute cannabutter for regular butter. There are numerous recipes for each of these dishes, so you can use virtually any one you like.


Green popcorn

Popcorn just isn’t popcorn without butter and cannabutter makes this simple and classic snack extraordinary. Drizzle melted cannabutter over a freshly popped popcorn. Microwave popcorn is fine to use. Use the same amount that you would use if it were regular butter. Salt or season to taste.

Chex Mix


This party snack isn’t as old as popcorn, but it does date back to the 1950s.You can substitute cannabutter for regular butter using any chex mix recipe.

Cheese Cake or Pie Crust

cheesecake infused with weed

Desserts are a staple of any party. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to make a dessert rather than go to the store-bought route, you can incorporate cannabutter into the crust if you’re making a pie or cheesecake.


marijuana infused cookies

Who doesn’t like cookies? There are so many recipes to choose from and most of them call for butter. If you’re feeling a little bit lazy, you can use a cookie mix. No one has to know and your guests will probably be so delighted that they won’t even suspect that they aren’t made from scratch.


girl twirling while eating brownies

This is probably one of the most traditional marijuana snacks. There are countless recipes for brownies and virtually all of them call for butter. They can be as basic or as elaborate as you want. Like with cookies, you can use a mix if you’re low on energy and or time.

Macaroni and Cheese

marijuana infused mac n cheese

In the past this was considered a side dish, but nowadays some people consider it to be an entrée. Use cannabutter and your mac & cheese will be the star of the show. It’s recommended to make it from scratch, but even from a box, with cannabutter it might be so magical that your guests might not care.


prosciutto cooking in canna butter

This Italian appetizer has so many variations! If you want to give your happy gathering an upscale feel, this will do it. Spread cannabutter  on your bread before grilling and then top with your other ingredients. Make sure to grab a few for yourself because these will vanish quickly.


marijuana infused sliders

These have been around for a bit, but have recently become extremely popular. Most variations of this recipe require you to spread butter on bread before grilling or toasting. They may be small, but just a few of these hearty little sandwiches will satisfy most appetites.