Over 300,000 vets are suffering with PTSD. Many are homeless, unable to sleep and have numerous other health issues. They often face shattered families, unemployment and a sense that their efforts to serve their country were in vain and meaningless.

Typically, they are prescribed a handful of prescription drugs that  do little if anything to alleviate their suffering, while giving them a side effects that they have to deal with on top of PTSD and other issues.

It makes a people wonder if the pharmaceutical companies want to help them or just treat them, with the promise of relief, while the wallets of big pharma get fatter and fatter.

Some statistics indicate that 20% of all suicides are committed by vets. Approximately 22 veterans commit suicide every day in our country. That translates into one person every 65 minutes, or about one an hour.

It seems elementary that a plant that is safe for human consumption and effective in the treatment of PTSD, without harmful or unpleasant side effects, would be the chosen course of treatment.

But sadly, that is not the case, despite research showing that the controlled supervised use of medical marijuana has been proven to be 300% more effective in treating PTSD that prescription drugs. Add to that the fact that cannabis is natural and inexpensive.

And so, human suffering is prolonged and lives are snuffed out, because of archaic, backward laws.

Veterans and supporters of the Weed for Warriors Project are marching on Washington to raise public awareness and demand changes from the VHA. Their hope is that these changes will save veterans’ lives, reduce costs and improve the quality of life for the thousands of veterans suffering with PTSD and other issues.

The demands are simple:

1. Authorize the use of medical marijuana for veterans.

2. Have the VHA conduct a scientific study of the use of cannabis for PTSD treatment.

Veterans from the Weed for Warriors Project will participate in the Cannaball Run for Vets, hosted by MagicalButter.com.

The funds will be raised through a crowd funding effort and will be used to cover the expenses for a team of 23 veterans and supporters, who will travel across America from L.A. to Washington, D. C. Their mission: to spread the word about how the carefully controlled and supervised use of cannabis can help veterans with PTSD get their lives back.

To learn more, check out their Indiegogo campaign here http://bit.ly/1F6OeMc