The Tulip Joint is most popular over in Amsterdam and the rest of Europe. The tulip is making it’s way to states, right now only the old pros are rolling and smoking these beautiful papers. While there is some time involved with creating this master piece, the actual actions are straight forward and pretty simple. We broke down the process to a simple five steps. Follow these and you will be the envy of all your smoking pals. Follow the steps and share your success with us on Facebook. (hint: there is a link at the very bottom incase you need extra help)


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Step 1

Take two large papers and stick them together to form a square, with the gummed strip running along one side.


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Step 2

Fold over one corner to the other to form a triangle, leaving the gummed strip uncovered. Wet the strip and fold it over to seal the triangle. You should now have a flat paper cone.

Step 3

Open up the cone and tightly pack it with layers of carefully ground cannabis. Now, gently crimp together the excess paper at the end of the cone.


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Step 4

Place a large filter, made of rolled up cardboard and rolling papers in the center of the cone, using the crimped paper to hold it in position. Make sure you can keep those hands steady!


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Step 5

Finally, secure it by tying thread around the crimped paper, (a rubber band works well too) keeping everything as tight as possible. Now you’ll have a blooming tulip joint! Enjoy!


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For a more detailed look at how to roll your tulip joint in more than 5 steps then go here and check out the finer details of creating a flower for your flowers.